What is the MYP programme?

What is the MYP programme?

IB means International Baccalaureate and it prepares you for your future as it helps you develop international-mindedness and an appreciation of new cultures, nationalities, and traditions. IB has different programmes, for example, PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme), DP (Diploma Programme), and CP (Career-related Programme). Currently I am in my fourth year of MYP

My name is Lava and I am a student in grade 9 at Da Vinci School – International in the city of Duhok, Kurdistan. My dream is to become an architect or engineer.

Can you explain what an International Education is? How is it different from the KRG system?

The MYP intends to encourage the students and challenge them to connect their studies to the real world. They try to challenge the students because in the future they have to be prepared to face their problems in the real world. International education is shaped to support the students who study in different countries; it could be a part of their studies, and it helps them get new ideas and be more openminded. It prepares the students to be more active to face the world. The International Baccalaureate defines it all because they want their students to be internationlly minded and responsible, active citizens of the world. An international education makes you aware of other cultures and traditions in the world.

The international system and the KRG system are different because an international education provides you with a lot of information that can help you in the future, and it gives you a deeper understanding of the subject you are learning. International education tends to get the students more able to understand and apply what they are learning, but in the KRG system students just memorize and they do not always develop a deeper knowledge of the information that they get from memorization. I think it will not benefit you because memorized information can be forgotten easily; I also feel that the level of information that is provided by the IB system is much higher than the KRG system.

What is unique and interesting about your school?

My school’s uniqueness is that it makes sure the students are open-minded and that they are ready to face their future. Our school also makes us understand the subject instead of memorization. I do not have a favourite subject because all of the subjects that I study have their own uniqueness and I like them all equally.