Personal Project: The Exposure of Gaming

What is the Personal Project? The personal project is made to acquire ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills used to help the students in the IB programme.

It is also used for all students to express their feelings about a specific topic and to drive initiative in what they are interested in.

I chose this topic - the exposure of gaming - as I am aware it is relevant to the students’ lives and requires more attention from society. Some people made theirs about symptoms of kidney disease, while others made it about the effects of gaming, and etc. It is a brilliant way for the IB to understand how students think as it helps them gain more Many of the personal projects help students gain skills during the process of completing their journey. These skills are:

  1. Communication
  2. Taking risks
  3. Being Principled
  4. Self-Management
  5. Research
  6. Social

knowledge about their subject or a fairly similar project. My personal project is called “The Exposure of Gaming” and it looks at my appreciation of gaming. Gaming has had a great influence on many people around the world, but some people think of it otherwise. My goal is to change the community’s perspective and give them a new idea about gaming. Gaming is being blamed for many issues around the world, for example bullying, school shootings, and mental and physical health problems. 

These are only some of the AtL skills that students get throughout the personal project. I have acquired most of these skills going through my personal project. I gained communication because of raising awareness I had to have meetings with teachers and students, and gaining guidance of my supervisor to get multiple perspectives regarding what I had to do. I have become a risk-taker because I chose a subject that many people will stand against because it is a very susceptible topic. Principled, I always thought I was right and didn’t allow others to change my mind, I had used proven scientific facts and changed the minds of many. Self-management, I have managed my time perfectly with meeting each deadline and had extra time to improve my personal project. I have used a variety of sources to verify and get proof of the facts I have collected. I had a meeting with many students and teachers and I was able to maintain conversations with many people so I gained the perspective of other people and how they are also right in some cases.

During the MYP (Middle Years Programme), there are various global contexts that apply to the IB. Global contexts are used to learn more about the outside world and they assist students and/ or teachers to be more open-minded. These global contexts are:

  1. Identities and relationships
  2. Orientation in space and time
  3. Personal and cultural expression
  4. Scientific and technical innovation
  5. Globalization and sustainability
  6. Fairness and development

These are the global contexts that relate to the subject in a specific class; every class is taught through the lens of one of the global contexts.

What do I hope to achieve using the personal project?

My personal project is specifically about games being blamed for violence, depression, anxiety, etc. I want to teach people that games are actually an amazing way to communicate with people; for example, games that focus more on stories and various topics they could choose from such as education, math, life, etc. I am trying to improve the community around me and share my view about gaming, while some people make fair points against my claims, I believe that the pros far outweigh the cons.

I have developed new perspectives and what are people’s thoughts on my topic in a personal project. I now have better research skills and I think I am a better communicator; I took a risk by dealing with such an issue with people who do not share my opinion as my subject is delicate; I have managed my time to meet deadlines and so on.

My personal project which is titled “Exposure of Gaming” is organised into the following parts:

 Explaining my subject for my supervisor. 


 Learn more about the subject I had chosen. 

 Planned my goal and how I will communicate with the  community.

Taking action 

I executed my plan and started meeting with teachers and students and collect their outlook on games.


Compare the results of what people think and how it had affected my point of view.