Debt finance, Equity finance. Debt and equity finance are the two main types of finance.

Debt finance is defined as the money that is borrowed from external lenders. As an example a bank. Equity finance means investing your own money or funds from other stakeholders, in exchange for partial ownership.

The advantages of debt finance are keeping control over the firm, the interest is tax deductible and loans can be short or long-term. The advantages of equity finance include: They are less risk than a loan; the availability of cash and investors can give credibility and skill sets to your business.

Finance has always been highly important whether it is in a business or everyday life. It is vital for businesses and people to manage financial risks as they arise. Understanding how to manage your own personal finance can also support you to better manage a firm’s finance. Additionally, it can help individuals set goals and gain skills in planning as well as decision making. Of course there is a difference between the two; however, the fundamentals of personal and business finance are relatively similar.

Moreover, finance is highly important due to budgeting. Budgeting is done to keep track of income and expenditures. It starts by deciding on the financial goals, to which the budget will be made. Additionally, the other vital processes that are related to budgeting include areas such as forecasting, monitoring, controlling and evaluating the financial goals. Budgeting plays a crucial role in companies.

because it aids the firms’ understanding of their expenses and their future objectives. One of the most common mistakes startup businesses make is going overboard with their budgeting.

In regard to the country with very famous finance, it is seen to be Germany. Germany has six of the safest banks in the world, one of them is the KFW which is the world’s safest bank. Germany also has one of the strongest and stable economies in Europe and their finances are highly important.

Finance affects people as having money can provide you with power. Therefore if this power, no matter how small it is, is used negatively, it can impact communities and societies. Money or the lack of money creates classes in societies that rank people based on how much wealth they have, which is ethically wrong.

Companies always aim to increase revenues, profits and margins. Therefore there have to be the right steps in order to achieve these goals. Ethically speaking, companies have to be very careful to avoid bankruptcy as it would affect employees in their personal lives