Female Empowerment

Feminism is not about degrading men but providing women with the same opportunities.

Every single person on this earth has had a female in his or her life. People are all born of women. They make friendships with women. They get married to women. They seek comfort in women. When men go to war, it is women who take care of the children and their homes, making sure the lineage continues. When men go to work, it is women who raise the children. All the most powerful people who have ever lived are born of women. Yet, women are seen inferior in every way.

Yearly, thousands of abortions take place simply because the gender of the baby is female. Still today, many families do not give their daughters the opportunity to get a good education simply because of their gender. They restrict their daughters from practicing their rights yet give their sons as much freedom and privacy as they wish to have. 

Women are prisoners of the society, and the worst thing is that women themselves allow that to happen.

Women are raised to believe that their purpose in life is to be of service to men. They are raised to believe that their lives do not belong to them. They are raised to believe that the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to them is to get married. Yes, marriage can be wonderful, but there is a lot more to life than that. It is necessary for women to get an education and learn more about life. It is of upmost importance that women as well as men have economic empowerment, political participation, and the equal opportunities in order for the nation to progress and thrive. Many women are victims to harassment and abuse, whether it is physically or emotionally. Female voices are being heard around the world for these issues due to feminism. Males should support feminism as much as women. However, sadly a majority of men seem to go against it and are threatened by it. Feminism is misconcepted by men, to clarify: feminism is not to degrade men but to provide women the same opportunities as men and treated equally. As an example, it is evident that females are paid less for the same job as men only because of the gender difference.

Although there is a lot of room for improvement and a long way ahead of the nation to find progression, there has also been a huge change in the society during the past decade. Thanks to social media, the millennials have been witnessing the gender equality movement. Gender equality aims for a future where females have the same opportunities in life as males do. This movement has impacted the mindset of both male and female millennials in a positive way. 

Most importantly, it has brought self-awareness to women, showing them that they are being stripped off of their rights, and teaching them to unite and rise.

The reason why it is so hard for the society to change is because belittlement of females is a part of the culture. It is believed to be dishonorable for women to choose who they want to marry, what to work, what to wear, or to go out often. Of course, when it comes to men, they can write their own story. Females are expected to agree and never disagree with a man. Society has seen women as objects for years and finally we see change occuring. It will take a very long time for females to have their rights, but surely it will happen. It has already started. Things are changing bit by bit. No matter how slow the change is, the important point is that there is change taking place.

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