Autonomous Vehicles

This technology will impact society not only by taking existing job opportunities away but also creating new jobs.

Autonomous driving can be defined as, a vehicle that can drive itself without the intervention of a human driver. In other words it is a self-driving car or a robot car. A human passenger is not needed to control the vehicle or even be present in the vehicle. A self driving car can go anywhere an ordinary car goes and is able to do everything that a normal driver does. Autonomous vehicles are the future however, they raise a variety of questions. Will employment rate decrease? Are they environmental friendly? Can a self driving car be trusted? Is it ethical? These robot cars can be trusted due to them relying on sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, machine learning systems, and powerful processors to execute software. They include GPS for them to create and maintain a map of their surroundings. Radar sensors are present for the vehicle to observe other nearby vehicles, measure distance, lane markings...etc. Video cameras, to perceive traffic lights, road signs and pedestrians. Therefore, these revolutionary cars can be trusted.

These vehicles are highly beneficial for people especially the elderly and disabled individuals as it can provide them with independence. Furthermore, parents who are always busy due to work, can have the self driving car pick their children up and drive them home. Additionally, they are safer and can save many lives. It is evident car accidents has a huge impact on number of deaths per year. These cars will have a significant impact on the environment. It will dramatically decrease CO2 emissions almost by 80% worldwide. According to recent studies and experts, by the year 2050 autonomous vehicles will reduce traffic, cut transportation costs and reduce the need for parking. This technology will impact society not only by taking existing job opportunities away but also creating new jobs. The jobs created will be engineering-related. However, truck drivers, taxis and Ubers will lose its value significantly in the future. Mail carriers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, will most likely benefit from this technology

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