A New International Bookshop in Duhok

Our independent bookshop opened in Duhok in November 2017 with the ambition to offer official, high quality books and learning resources to the readers and learners in the Kurdistan region.

It stocks a wide range of genres and more and more titles will become available with special attention to children’s literature and adult fiction.

Something that was missing, local customers said, was an international bookshop so we thought it was only right to open in our current location, the Family Mall when the premises became available.

We want to actively contribute to the bookselling and publishing scene in an area that still does not have many independent bookshops. The Da Vinci Bookshop aims at becoming, a truly unique space where people may spend their time and enjoy their books with a warm and dynamic community.

We believe it is crucial for the book lovers of Kurdistan to have more choice as we offer the products from publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Penguin Random House, DK, and Jolly Learning, with more to come soon. Please feel free to come and visit us; we will be happy to welcome you and know more about your favourite books.